This firm is built around over thirty years of experience in tax matters, business law and finance. Unlike the traditional law or accounting practitioner, this firm is the result my experience as an attorney and CPA, which provides the credentials and experience required to make a major impact in a tax case or other case.

I will assist you with the preparation of any tax return no matter how complex or how small.

No client is too small and no client is too large.

I can assist you and your businesses with all types of tax controversies and problems.   I provide quality and aggressive representation in tax audits, examinations and investigations. I can also help remove tax liens and levies, prepare delinquent tax returns and collection information statements, respond to summonses and seizures, and complete accounting and other records. I advise taxpayers about their rights and procedural options, negotiate payment plans, and propose offers in compromise and settlements.

On numerous occasions, I have successfully represented taxpayers faced with major tax problems. In recent years my representation before the Internal Revenue Service has resulted in reductions for different clients of large amounts of taxes and penalties. I obtained these results by showing IRS computational errors, contesting IRS misinterpretations of the tax law, and providing support for disallowed expenses.

I also focus on recommending safe, proven strategies for those taxpayers who wish to reduce their tax without prompting examination or controversy with the taxing authorities.

My involvement may be as extensive or limited as you may direct. All referrals will be held in the strictest of confidence.

I invite you to write or call me at (317) 780-4000 about any matter you where I may be of assistance. Send me a business card and we will keep you informed of current tax and accounting developments.

With every wish for your success,


Thomas E. King II
Attorney and CPA






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