How to Track an Indiana State Tax Refund


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One of the most frequently asked questions by Indiana state taxpayers is "Where is my refund?" according to Indiana's Department of Taxation website. The answer to that question can usually be quickly resolved with a few clicks of the mouse and a small bit of personal and tax information. The Indiana Department of Revenue's Refund Status Service can research the status of expected refunds from as early as 1992.

Things You'll Need

Social Security Number

Tax year

Exact amount of expected tax refund

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  1. Gather your Social Security Number, Indiana state tax year of the refund of which you are seeking information, and the exact amount of the refund expected.
  2. Visit the IDOR Refund Status Service website, which is listed below. 
  3. As an alternative, you can call the IDOR Tax Information Customer Support line at (317) 232-2240. However, you may be subjected to extended hold times, especially during tax season.
  4. Click the "Continue" button near the bottom right corner of the screen if using the IDOR Refund Status Service website.
  5. Enter your Social Security Number without dashes, Indiana tax year, and amount of refund expected in the appropriate blanks.
  6. Click the "Check status" button near the bottom right corner of the screen.
  7. Review the information that shows up on your computer screen. It will tell you if the refund is pending, on hold due to owed or other state fines, or has been deposited into your bank account or issued through a mailed check. If the system could not find your Social Security Number, then call the IDOR Tax Information Customer Support at (317) 232-2240.
  8. Other questions, such as issues regarding tax refunds held due to past due state taxes or other fines can also be addressed by contacting the IDOR. Tips & Warnings
  • Remember that it can take as long as 12 weeks for your refund information to appear in the IDOR Refund Status Service.
  • Do not access someone else's tax refund information without their specific consent, as this could be considered a federal crime.

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